Drones can be invaluable tools for rapid, precise modeling of the territory in a variety of fields, including: mapping a municipal territory, environmental monitoring in general (rivers, glaciers, landslides, etc.), monitoring a construction site or gravel pit, or mapping for precise measurements of distances, surfaces or locations.

Our models are geo-referenced with control points measured to centimeter accuracy using GNSS/RTK antennas.

Output formats include orthomosaics, point clouds and digital surface models. LiDAR has the ability to create be able to create digital terrain models (DTMs) in vegetated areas.
More advanced data processing enables us to create maps, plans and measurements surveys based on the models. We use professional equipment for high-precision data acquisition: Matrice 300RTK, Zenmuse P1, GNSS/RTK Emlid Reach RS2, LiDAR Rockrobotic R2A, Mavic 3 Enterprise.

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